David vs. Goliath Litigation

THE BERENT LAW FIRM is proud of its representation of consumers in "David vs. Goliath" litigation. The Berent Law Firm levels the playing field and fights to hold society's bullies accountable for their corrupt and unlawful conduct. Examples of the Firm's consumer clients include the following:

  • Litigation against massive utility company whose defective "rectifier" significantly damaged the homes of six families
  • Litigation against large custom home builder who sold consumer a defective home through the use of false, deceptive and misleading representations
  • Litigation against seller of home who fraudulently induced buyer into transaction with false representations in Seller's Disclosure Notice
  • Litigation against major insurance company for wrongful denial of consumers' claim to repair foundation damaged by a significant plumbing leak
  • Litigation against Home Owners Association ("HOA") that sought to extort consumer out of tens of thousands of dollars in trumped up and erroneous fees and assessments
  • Litigation against large national brokerage company for realtor's knowing misrepresentations of critical deed restrictions to her consumer client
  • Litigation against financial institution that permitted forger to deplete consumers' bank account in identity theft matter
  • Litigation against national bank that breached terms of loan agreement with consumer
  • Litigation against lawyer whose legal malpractice resulted in dismissal of widow's lawsuit for the wrongful death of her husband

Our Results

These are small sampling of the many and varied litigation matters that have been handled by the Berent Law Firm. Consumers need fearless counsel in their corner when confronting their foes. The Berent Law Firm has the experience, passion, tenacity and desire to fight the biggest and most powerful Goliaths of the world.

  • Unanimous Jury Verdict for Security Guard Company in Commercial Security Lawsuit
  • Unanimous Jury Verdict Against Contractor for Construction Defects
  • Unanimous Jury Verdict for Consumer in Deceptive Trade Practice Matter
  • Favorable Verdict Rendered by Federal Bankruptcy Judge in Lawsuit Tried in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Texas
  • Secured Complete Dismissal of Claims Brought Against Business Owner in Lawsuit Filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois
  • Secured Complete Dismissal of Claims Brought Against Company in Commercial Contract Dispute
  • Secured Complete Voluntary Dismissal of Claims in Federal Lawsuit Alleging Company Violated License Agreement
  • Victory for Business Owner in Partnership Dispute - Adversary Forced into Bankruptcy and Client Assumed Control of Company
  • Victory for Business in Legal Malpractice Dispute - Highest Settlement Ever Paid by Adversary
  • Successful Enforcement of Company's Non-Compete Agreement - Breaching Party Driven Out of Business After Temporary Restraining Order and Temporary Injunction Secured
  • Successful Handling of Non-Solicitation Contractual Dispute - Adversary Company Compelled to Permit Company Employee to Solicit Former Clients
  • Homeowner Victory Against HOA - HOA Abandoned Enforcement Efforts and Paid Client's Legal Fees
  • Appellate Victories in Various Matters

THE BERENT LAW FIRM is pleased to announce the following successful results recently secured on behalf of the Firm's clients


    The Firm secured a UNANIMOUS JURY VERDICT just under $400,000 in a business litigation matter on behalf of a Real Estate Investment Trust that is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.


    The Firm secured a UNANIMOUS JURY VERDICT in excess of $100,000 on behalf of a family run restaurant in a case that determined the financial future of both the restaurant and the family.


    The Firm secured the COMPLETE VOLUNTARY DISMISSAL of all claims brought against a commercial photographer who was sued under multiple theories of liability.


    The Firm secured PERMANENT INJUNCTION against a third-party and interfere with the Company's business relationship with its largest account.

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