David vs. Goliath Litigation


THE BERENT LAW FIRM recently secured a UNANIMOUS JURY VERDICT in excess of $100,000 for a family that operated a Latin American restaurant. The Firm's clients came to America during the civil war in El Salvador. They became American citizens and engaged in their pursuit of the American Dream. After 30 years of manual labor, the family saved enough money to purchase a restaurant and its equipment.

All was well until the seller, who was also the landlord, contended the family restaurant was in breach of its lease. He changed the locks to the restaurant, reclaimed the restaurant space and took back the equipment he had previously sold to the family. The El Salvadoran restaurant was shuttered.

The family was financially devastated and turned to THE BERENT LAW FIRM for help. Their entire financial future hinged on the outcome of the case. The opposition was fierce and the pre-trial litigation process was highly contentious. THE BERENT LAW FIRM would not give the opposition an inch and secured multiple victories on pre-trial Motions that penalized the adversary for its improper litigation conduct.

The Firm secured Orders from the Court requiring the opposition to pay monetary penalties. Other pre-trial Orders secured by the Firm prohibited the opposition from using certain evidence and calling certain witnesses at trial. At one point, the adversary Countersued against the family.

After a multi-day trial, the jury returned a UNANIMOUS VERDICT awarding the Firm's clients over $100,000. The jury completely rejected the opposition's Countersuit and found for the family on all counts. Not only was the family completely compensated for all of their financial losses, they were also awarded attorneys' fees, court costs and pre-judgment and post-judgment interest at the maximum rate allowed by law.

THE BERENT LAW FIRM is pleased to announce the following successful results recently secured on behalf of the Firm's clients


    The Firm secured a UNANIMOUS JURY VERDICT just under $400,000 in a business litigation matter on behalf of a Real Estate Investment Trust that is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.


    The Firm secured the COMPLETE VOLUNTARY DISMISSAL of all claims brought against a commercial photographer who was sued under multiple theories of liability.


    The Firm secured PERMANENT INJUNCTION against a third-party and interfere with the Company's business relationship with its largest account. .